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1 Thing All QBs Should Know

The one thing I believe all QBs need to know is how to drive the ball from their legs. A lot of guys know that you push off the back leg but specifically where do you push. We are going to talk about that today.

QBs need to be driving off of the inside arch of their back leg. So if you were to be wearing Nikes it would be where the swoosh is on the inside of your foot. You are driving off of that point. Reason why you don’t drive off the middle of your foot is because you will be pushing up, not around. We want our hip to rotate through the throw not push up and lose all of our torque. By pushing off of the inside arch you will be forced to bring your hip through if you maintain a good base. Obviously your hip needs to be aggressive and that’s something to think about but driving off the inside arch like you are throwing off of a mound will increase your velocity and distance on the ball. That’s where You want to be. That’s how you produce maximum ground force. Now if your base is super close together you will have a long stride because of this. Keep a wide base and when you push your front leg will be out there to catch you. Always push off the “inside arch” to create maximum torque which will turn into velocity and power.

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