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10 Question WR IQ Test

This will be a 10 question football IQ test for WRs we are going to cover the essential aspects of the position I would expect every WR to know. All the answers will be located at the bottom of this article, I hope this helps!

Q1)- What does inside leverage mean when referring to a DB in press?

Q2)- What does a “stem” mean?

Q3)- What does attacking leverage mean?

Q4)- What is a “trigger step”?

Q5)- Can you ever take an inside release on a fade against press? If so what situation?

Q6)- Why does a DB line up outside leverage in press? (Not zone)

Q7)- Name 4 different coverages?

Q8)- Name a press release you can use when running an RPO Slant?

Q9)- What defenders should you look at when coming up to the line in the correct order?

Options- safeties, linebackers, corners,

Q10)- How many press releases should you be emphasizing in a game?

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A1)- This is when the DB is shaded to the inside, the midline of his body will be even with your front foot usually.

A2)- Stem is the portion of the route before the break. It is important you are constantly selling vertical on this and knowing how to attack a DB with your stem.

A3)- Attacking leverage is when you angle your stem (answer to question 2) towards the DBs leverage whether he is inside or outside.

A4)- A trigger step is the first step of a snap down or hip drop break like a comeback. For example if the comeback break is off of your “4th inside step” the 4th inside step is the trigger step.

A5)- Yes, when the DB is in outside shade press. When he’s outside shade he will do whatever possible to not give up the outside release. Attack his leverage, take what he gives you then work to re stack.

A6)- He has safety help to the inside or he is expecting an outside breaking route if a WR cuts his split down.

A7)- Cover 0, Cover 1, Cover 2, Cover 3, Cover 4, Cover 6 or any variation of these would have been fine.

A8)- Slide release, the reason for us including the RPO example in this was so you can get an understanding of timing. Do not want to rush this type of a release because it is a slow developing play.

A9)- 1) Corner 2) Safeties 3) LBs

A10)- 5-6 releases. The reason for this question Is because so many WRs confuse themselves thinking about 20 different things. Going into a game you need to keep things simple so you can play fast.

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