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2 Essential QB Drills

2 QB drills that are essential for you to do are the following: you need to work on your back stroke with this sequence drill. Start with your front foot already slightly open like you have already stepped to the target and take the ball back in your opposite L or thereabouts angle for your backstroke. Then to complete the drill focus on driving off your back leg and opening your front hip without moving your front foot to create power. This will help you use your hips more to get the ball to a 90 degree angle and you use less of your shoulders when you throw. You want to be a rotational athlete with your hips, not your shoulders. This should be done about 20-25 times per workout when you are working mechanics. The next drill isn’t really a drill it’s more of a concept of multiple drills you can do, with my QBs we don’t usually work cone drills and hurdle drills for footwork. We work live game rep situations where they have to move in the pocket in a very awkward way. So if you want to get more comfortable in the pocket, work on awkward throws. Off platform, throwing on the run in tight spaces, off balance throws etc. and if able to, have someone rush around you as a defender so you react with your eyes downfield. You can work any kind of movement just make sure it’s realistic and you can’t anticipate it. That’s how the game is played in the pocket. If you want more advice on the proper way QBs should play and the proper way they should train, click the link below! ⬇️⬇️

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