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2 Major Keys To Playing QB

For QBs there are a few things that you absolutely need to focus on to be successful. The first thing I want to discuss is extending plays. If you are not a play maker and are just a game manger at the high school and youth level you cannot get to that elite status at the next level which is college. If you just make the plays they expect you to make, you are not going to be considered “special” even if you are talented. You need to be able to make uncomfortable throws out of the pocket, whether it is on the run, off platform etc. these are the types of throws that college scouts look for when they watch film. If you don’t jump off the screen, these big schools are not going to take a chance on you. The second thing that colleges look for is mechanics. If you don’t have correct mechanics and you are an average arm talent guy or maybe don’t pass the “eye test” don’t expect a call from any big schools. You need to have a smooth stroke, need to have a twitchy motion and need to be able to throw the ball efficiently. If you struggle with both of these things check out the link below! We are now offering a full 40 minute video on how you can improve your throwing mechanics and all aspects of the QB position. We give you specific technical points to focus on, drills for throwing mechanics, off platform throws, throwing on the run and more. It is a complete throwing manual video with everything QBs need to know! Click the link below to checkout the info! 

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