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2 Things Every QB Must Learn

In today’s game I think every QB must learn how to throw off platform and how to buy time in the pocket. The two go hand in hand. But also if you are on the shorter size or might not have the strongest arm this is a huge part of your game. Throwing off platform is something you see in Aaron Rodgers and Sam Darnold very frequently and they are two of the best to do it. If you can master this skill you are gonna be comfortable in any situation you face. If you have to move in the pocket it won’t be hard to make a throw. This also helps with buying time, a lot of QBs can get out of trouble but they can’t make the throws required. So they just take off and run, be able to throw off platform so you can be successful in the pocket. If you want to learn the mechanics behind throwing off platform and the mechanics behind every single throw, click the link below to check out our QB Bible. All throwing mechanics you need in one place, click below! ⬇️⬇️

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