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2 Things You Need For A Scholarship

The main thing you need for a scholarship is grades and varsity film. Not a lot of guys can have both. A lot of guys are studs on the field but don’t have the grades or vice versa. You need to balance both. Every guy who has gotten a scholarship to a prestigious school to play football has had the grades. Also I see a lot of guys trying to do something with JV or Freshman film. Now your path may not be the same as the kid who gets offers out of 8th grade which is 100% fine. The more common route is the one where you work hard and get varsity film to send out. If you aren’t on any schools radar yet, they won’t even look at JV film or practice film. It’s not worth their time. Hell its gonna take a lot to even get them to look at your varsity film but that’s what you need. A good varsity highlight tape and take the process serious. Bad grades is a tell you college that you aren’t mature enough to handle your business. And you don’t want that. 

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