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2 Tips For WR Hand Combat

2 Ways you can improve your hand combat off the line vs a press DB is by doing the following: have a plan with your hands and attack a DBs point of control. When you come up to the line have a plan. That goes for your feet and your hands. But also you need to have a reactionary plan. What if what your plan doesn’t work? Then you need to be able to react. If you want to take an inside release just know you gotta beat his inside arm. If you want to take an outside release just know you gotta beat his outside arm. It’s not super complicated and it comes easy with repetition. Now when I say points of control I mean either his elbow, forearm or back of his shoulder. Strike those areas firm and with a strong hand. Don’t just slap his hand or his wrist. That’s a good way to get him to not budge at all. Have a plan and attack those points or control. That is the key vs press. If you ever find yourself lost for what move to use against press checkout the link below to get access to a video where I breakdown every press release you need and when you should use that release. When you have knowledge of the reason WHY just not how to do it, you can be an elite route runner and a technician off the line. Click the link below! ⬇️⬇️

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