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2 Tips To Create Separation

2 keys to creating separation are the following: cutting out time spent at the top of the route and selling vertical. I don’t need you to get out of the break in 2-3 steps I would rather have you cut out the time spent at the top of the route. Usually guys will slow down and then take 2-3 steps to get out of a break, the problem with this is you slowed down and gave the DB time to react. You need to be full speed in most scenarios and drop your hips on a dime. Being violent with your hips and powerful with your steps is how you cut out time spent at the top of the route. Now selling vertical is so important to route running. Everything is a fade until it’s not. You sell fade by pad level/body language and speed. If you need to get faster and improve your ability to push vertical in your routes, click the link below! ⬇️

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