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2 Tips To Get Faster Off The Line

2 Tips To Get Faster off the line would be your stance and weight distribution. If you have about 70-80% of your weight in your front foot and your shin angle is somewhat angled forward you are likely to get rid of a false step. The false step is when your front foot takes a step back and you don’t have the same explosion and drive out that you would have off of 1 step. Now this can also happen if your stance is too wide, you don’t want your back leg reaching way behind you. That makes you less explosive, you will never be able to drive that back leg through in 1 solid motion. You will always have to take 2 steps to get to where you need to go rather than taking one with a good stance. Try to have your feet be underneath your shoulders. Obviously your knees shouldn’t be touching but not too far outside your frame. If you want some more tips on how you should play the receiver position and the correct technique for all aspects, check out our WR manual below! ⬇️⬇️

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