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2 Tips To Get More Separation On Routes

WRs can do 2 specific things to get more separation on routes and that’s what we are going to discuss today. WRs can get more space on their routes by dropping/cutting  on a dime, I don’t think you understand how misguided certain receivers are into thinking it’s about slowing down before your cuts. You want to be explosive and your hips/the suddenness of your feet is how you change direction. Not changing your speed. Obviously you aren’t going to be running crazy out of control and try to cut, that would be how you get injured. But if you are running with a controlled full speed dynamic you will be able to cut efficiently over time. So make sure you are able to drop your hips violently and give a sudden stick on your routes. Secondly, knowing what to do is so important! If you can understand coverage and how DBs like to play as a WR you will be successful. You need to know the reason why behind certain movements and the appropriate time to use moves off the line and longer moves at the top of the route. WRs need to be a second QB on the field. If you want access to a video which is 35 minutes long where I breakdown NFL defenses specifically from a receivers Point of View and how they should structure their routes based on coverage, click the link below! ⬇️⬇️

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