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2 Tips To Improve Your Arm Strength/Velocity

2 Mechanical Tips To Improve Your Arm Strength are the following: Widen your base so you can push and focus on opening up your front hip. If you widen your base to a position where your feet are just outside of your shoulders it allows you to maximize the ground force production from your back leg. You can push harder at the target without an over stride. Once you achieve a quick foot strike with a good back leg push you can get some more power on the ball. Now, a lot of people focus on driving their back hip but they don’t put emphasis on their front hip. When your front hip can start to rotate, you will achieve more rotational force if you are disciplined with your shoulders. This will give you more velocity. Now if you feel you are doing these this and want to improve your arm strength, you need to develop your leg strength and core strength. That is accomplished I’m the weight room. If you want a full 4 week workout plan to improve your arm strength with specific exercises, sets and reps to do, click the link below! ⬇️⬇️

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