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2 Tips To Win Jump Balls

2 Things every WR can do in 50/50 jump ball situations, no matter what size you are, is go up with strong hands and when you secure the catch you want to rip it away. Let me explain, when you go up for the ball, I don’t mean go up super tense and be very hard with your hands. You want soft hands but when you go up your arms should be strong and firm so a DB can’t rip through them. That’s the main key because he will be playing your hands in man coverage. Now another thing you can do is when you secure the catch you want to rip away. If the DB is to the inside of you, you want to rip away and almost turn your back. If he’s in front of you and it’s like a back corner of the end zone thing, you want to secure the ball and rip behind your head. These are two ways to make sure you secure the catch and secure the ball. If you want to improve your hands and you don’t got a QB to throw to you, check out the link below! Full 30 day catching program to improve grip strength, hand eye coordination and overall catching ability. Click below! ⬇️⬇️

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