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3 Best Things WRs Can Put On Their Highlights

1)- Explosive TDs. If you are a WR and you are making a highlight tape, you do not want to include the easy 12YD catches where you get tackled right after the reception. That is NOT a highlight. That’s a play colleges expect you to make. You want plays on your highlight tape where you catch a deep double move route, take a slant 50+ yds for a TD. Things like that. Because that’s what stands out to a college coach and those types of plays should be placed early in your tape.

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2)- The second thing you want to include on your film is tough catches. Colleges don’t want guys who drop passes. But being a great pass catcher can help you stand out if you don’t have the most athleticism. Because let’s be honest, to play college ball you need some kind of speed. Like let’s say you want to play D1. The receivers and DBs you are competing with will all be running 4.5-4.3 40yd dashes. If you run a 4.7 but catch literally everything… you can still be grouped into that D1 category I believe. So showcase that on your highlight tape to college coaches

3)- And last but not least- if you don’t get many receptions on the season… you better block your ass off. Anytime there is a run play that is a chance for a highlight. Every snap is a chance for a highlight to stand out. Take pride in your run blocking because that shows colleges you are a team first player and you have lower body/upper body strength. And college coaches love guys like that

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