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3 Off Season WR Tips

In the off season there are a few things that WRs should be focusing on and that is what we will discuss today, in the off season first and foremost WRs need to be focusing on route running technique. Making sure your  routes are precise is what you need in the early months of the off season. Make all of your work technique based. Dont just do 1on1s that is saved for the later months. As I just said, which brings me into my 2nd tip, WRs in the later months of the off season like June-August should be highly focused on situational and game realistic workouts. Working 1on1s with live DBs, situational drills and etc. Those are the keys to being as prepared as possible when you strap on the pads in the fall. Lastly, something I believe all WRs need to be doing year round, is getting in the gym. WRs need to be training specifically for their position. Dont need to lift like a linemen. If you want to know what those specific exercises are and how you can improve your game specifically in the gym when it comes to catching, route running and releases, click the link below! ⬇️⬇️

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