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3 Releases For A Slant vs. Press

Against press coverage a lot of guys struggle to run a slant. There are 3 releases I believe you can do to get more separation. Now all of this depends on timing of the play as well. If you are a 1st/2nd read on a play and you are trying to do some long complicated release, that’s not correct. If you are a 3rd or 4th read on a play that’s when you can try to come off with something longer. The diamond release is a great release to use when you are any read on a 3 step slant. Take 3 steps on a 45 degree angle to force the DB to turn his hips and run with you. Another great release when you are a 3rd/4th read is a slide release. Slide the DB into open space, almost the same angle as a diamond release and then make your move. Sliding him off his platform is what takes time so thats why we only like this release on longer developing plays. And last but not least when you are getting a really physical DB but you are the first read on a play you need to come off the line with something quick like a 1,2 or double up release. This allows you to create space fast and efficiently. Especially if you are from the slot and have a 1 step slant concept. If you want a full video on ALL of the releases you can use against press on any route and WHEN to use them, click the link below! ⬇️⬇️

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