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3 Things Every WR Should Work On

The 3 most important things every single WR should do this off season is the following: 1) work on your speed. This is important because In order for a WR to sell fade, and to do it well, he has to be running fast. You can’t get a lot of separation if you jog a route. Now if you’re not fast this brings me to my 2nd point. 2) work on body control. This is important because it’s what allows you to change direction and to get in and out of a route fast. If you can sell vertical, drop in and out of a break fast and run out of the break, you are going to get separation. 3) STUDY DEFENSES. All great WRs are like second QBs on the field. They understand what the defense is trying to accomplish and they know how to structure their routes accordingly to be in the right place for the QB. If you need help on this, message me. I’ll give you the info for a new opportunity we have on our website! 

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