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3 Things WRs Must Have

 You need to have hands. I think having good hands is the most important aspect of WR because if you can’t finish a play, nothing else matters. You can have the greatest route running in the world but if you can’t finish the play, you won’t play.

The 2nd Thing WRs need is physicality. You need to have a mentality that nobody can beat you. Especially off the line. I see too many receivers scared at the line of a DB who presses. You need to have the mindset that you are going to go forward and be physical. That’s just necessary to beat man coverage.

Lastly, I think WRs need speed. If you are a slower guy you need to work on your speed. Don’t just accept the fact that you are slow. You need to get faster because DBs are getting quicker and quicker. If you improve your speed, you will be able to get more separation on your routes because you become more of a deep threat and that’s always good. If you want to improve your speed, click the link below to get our 28 Day Speed Workout Plan. 👇🏻

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