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3 Things WRs Need To Play D1

The first thing WRs need to play D1 ball is proper technique. When you get to the division 1 level, it is a given that everyone is going to be fast. Everyone on your team is the fastest player from their high school team. The game changes and is much faster. So in order to separate yourself from DBs who are equal to you in athleticism, you need to have great route running and overall technique. You need to be able to get off press, sit in zone coverage, eliminate time spent at the top of the route, accelerate out of the breaks and also be smooth with your movements. In high school you can get away with being just big or just fast but not at the D1 college level. If you want a workout schedule for WRs to work on those specific aspects of route running and technique, click the link below! It is a 4 week long schedule with over 150+ drills. ⬇️ The second thing WRs need to play at the D1 level is a high football IQ. If you can’t read a defense, it’s hard to stand out amongst 20 other freak athletes you have on your team. You need to understand play concepts as a whole, understand timing with your QB and understand how you can sit in certain zone coverages. You should work with your QB as often as you can so you guys can be on the same page. If he doesn’t want to work, work with the back up QB. Just make sure you are understanding the game from a QBs perspective so you know what to look for in a defense. Because whether you like it or not, those QBs are smart and can see things we cannot see.

Last but not least, how you can get an opportunity to play at a D1 school is by blocking your ass off. If you can block and make plays happen in the run game, you can separate yourself from other people that school is recruiting. Make yourself an asset to the run game. WRs should really focus on blocking technique because obviously you aren’t as big as a lineman. When you address a DB you need active feet, a wide base, and need to stay under control. No block no rock. To play at the D1 level, you need to block.

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