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3 Things WRs Should Do In The GYM

The first thing WRs should be doing in the gym is explosive movements. The WR position is all about exploding at the top of the route and exploding off the line whether it’s a release or a get off. So exercises like power cleans, jump squats and plyometrics are essential for Wide Receivers. You cannot lift like a body builder if you are an athlete. You need to lift like an athlete and lift for performance.

The second thing WRs should do in the gym is focus on functional strength and balance. So doing exercises that involve operating on one leg are super important. When you make a cut at the top of a break or a release off the line most of the time you are on one leg. The second step trails closely behind but you need to have balance and stability in your legs. So exercises like pistol squats or RDLs will be essential to help your balance.

If you are a WR and you want a 2 month WR workout schedule with specific sets, reps and exercises to improve your on field performance click the link below! This workout plan will help you improve your explosiveness off the line, speed out of your breaks, balance and grip strength for your hands! If you want $10 off the program ltoday only, use the promo code “Blog10” at checkout! CLICK BELOW ⬇️

The third thing WRs should do in the gym is grip strengthening work. Wide receivers can improve their hands by improving their grip strength. It helps you make hard catches like low balls or high balls but also helps you catch those harder throws. So exercises like finger tip push ups and farmers carry will help you. If you have a strong grip you are more likely to be consistent with your catching.

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