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3 Tips For Perfect Route Running

Look over the DBs outside shoulder. If you are bursting off the line fast and your eyes aren’t looking at the ground for yardage and they are looking over a DBs shoulder in off man coverage he is more likely to turn his hips. When his hips turn if I’m running anything but a fade I have already won. You can snap off the route and drive out of the break if you can change direction fast which brings me to my second tip

Violent hips. If your hips drop aggressively and you don’t give any indicator to the DB, you can create force at the top of the route. Force and energy at the top of the route are super important because it shoots you out of the break and to the ball faster. Also when you drop your hips violently that’s how you change direction while running full speed. People who slow down to change direction give the DB a huge indicator of when you are going to break and they get a better jump on the ball.

Understanding Leverage. I wanted to include this because in a situation where a DB is maybe 2-3 yds off in a catch technique, we need to always be attack minded. If he is lined up inside leverage I need to angle my stem/release inside so I can attack his midline, same idea if he is head up I need to attack straight out. This forces him to do two things: either back up or keep shuffling inside which is good for us. If he keeps shuffling we just continue to gain space from the sideline which gives us more room to work and if he back pedals we can make our move while he is on his heels.

If you want me to take a look at your route running click the link below and sign up on my website. You will have access to a private email address where you can submit your film and I will give a detailed audio/video breakdown of it. ⬇️⬇️

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