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3 Tips For WRs To Get Out Of Breaks Faster

3 things that you can do to get out of breaks faster is the following, 1) you want to be violent with your hips. If you can drop violently that creates explosion at the top of the route. A lot of guys can “sink” their hips but they do not have a violent drop to their hips. Sinking your hips gives a slow connotation which does not create explosion. You want to almost think of your hips as a guillotine. Suddenly drop when you are running any kind of 45 break and in some cases a 90 degree break like a dig. 2) get your chin to your knee. This gives you great pad level on your routes. When you can put your chin to your knee on routes it helps you keep your chest down. The reason why coaches use this phrase is because it allows you to run out of your breaks. A lot of receivers can drop their hips but they end up leaning back and they are on their heels. This causes their chest to pop up and they don’t end up running out of their breaks. They turn, and turning is slow, that does not create explosion. Make sure you drop your hips violent and bring your chest down/chin to your knee so you can explode out of the break correctly. 3) Last but not least you need to improve your explosiveness for all of this to work, working on your fast twitch muscle fibers is how you can achieve that. By fast twitch fibers I mean the muscle fibers that cause explosiveness not the muscle fibers that help you with slower movements like distance running, so exercises like Olympic lifts, plyometrics(box jumps etc.) are essential for you to develop that explosion. If you want a full WR gym plan where we give you specific exercises to improve your explosion for breaks, balance exercises and core exercises to help with releases and your breaks, and grip strength exercises to improve your hands, click the link below! ⬇️⬇️

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