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3 Tips For WRs To Study Film Of DBs

As a WR when watching film of a DB you should be looking for 3 specific things. The first one is what he likes to play the most often. You should be taking notes on each game of film that you watch of the DB you are going to be matched up against. Does he come out in zone 80% of the time? Is he their best guy and they leave him in press? Ask yourself these questions so you can be prepared on GameDay and come in knowing what to expect from him.

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The second thing you should be looking at is if he likes to get physical or not. There are a lot of DBs out there who like to get really physical, they like to jam and they try to knock you off your route immediately off the snap. If you see this on film, have a plan to beat it in your back pocket. Expect the jam and know what’s going to work to fight it

And last but not least, I would try to study what a DB can do at the top of the route. Study if he can stay with a receiver in coverage or is he just a one dimensional press guy. I would try to see what routes he is constantly getting beat on so we know what his weaknesses are. And also I would try to study what routes he is good on. So you know which ones you can add to the game plan during the week or mention to your coach.

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