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3 Tips To Be The Best WR

3 Tips To Be The Best WR

You need to have a decent amount of speed to be a great WR. You do not need to be the fastest but you can’t be slow. Let’s put it that way. You can’t be the slowest guy on the field. Speed will help you with route running, releases and being a vertical threat.

Being physical. That is so important and is very underrated in today’s world with all of the fancy route running being emphasized. Be able to block downfield, be able to get off of press and be able to be a physical WR. 

IQ. So many people can do all of the “release drills” and all of the route running drills but not know when to apply it. If you can understand what your opponent is trying to do and then reverse engineer your game to beat that coverage you will win. There are a bunch of different releases you can use vs press but if you don’t know WHEN to execute, you will fail. If you want access to a video where I breakdown all press releases you need and when you use them against specific types of press coverage or catch techniques, click the link below! ⬇️⬇️

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