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3 Tips To Beat An Aggressive Jam

WRs need to be able to dominate any kind of DB but the most dangerous DB is a physical one. If you can learn how to beat a physical DB there is nothing you can’t do off the line of scrimmage. Beating a jam will get you the ball more because the QB will have confidence in you to get off of press. So, what you can do to beat a physical DB is have a plan with your hands, attack his points of control. Elbow, forearm and shoulder. If you can swat him there and be physical yourself you will be successful. Now when a DB gets really physical with his jam first instinct for WRs is to lean back. When you practice these situations your pad level should always be going forward. 45 degree angle almost with your body so you’re on the offensive. Don’t let him catch you on your back foot. Have a plan, keep a good pad level and lastly we need to be explosive. Being able to generate force off the line with the release you chose or just being able to get off press and run the route fast and explosive. Those are 3 key tips to beating a physical DB and ensuring you always get off the jam. If you want access to some of the things we offer on my website specifically for WRs to get faster, more explosive, get a better IQ etc. click the link below. We are having a 4th of July sale that will end tonight, all products are $5 off! 

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