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3 Tips To Throw A Better Spiral

There are a couple of things you can do to throw a better spiral, if you have the correct grip, wrist flick and mechanics it is hard not to throw one. As far as grip goes everyone can have a different one but there needs to be a gap between your palm and the ball. Keep the ball in your fingers. Reason for this is when you have your palm on the ball you tend to push it or curve it. If you keep your fingers only and a little bit of your hand on the ball, it allows you to effectively spin of your index. Now wrist flick is important as well, when you release the ball you want to extend at your target and flick your wrist to where your thumb is parallel to the ground. This will help you be more consistent in the way you throw the ball. Lastly, your throwing mechanics play a factor in the way the ball comes off of your hand. If you keep your shoulders square and don’t dip your front elbow you tend to have a much cleaner spiral. If you want to learn more about throwing mechanics and how it can effect your game as a whole, click below ⬇️⬇️

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