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3 Types Of Throws QBs Need To Know

The three types of throws QBs need to be able to make are 1 balls, 2 balls and 3 balls. Today we are going to talk about the mechanics behind these throws and when to use these throws. So a 1 ball is when you need to lace the ball. A cover 2 corner maybe or a deep dig. This is when your mechanics are essential. Being able to separate  your hips and shoulders so you can have that twitchy motion is essential to this throw. Make sure you don’t over stride, have a quick front stride and let your hips do the work. A 2 ball is like a man coverage corner or a red zone fade. You want to keep the same mechanics as a 1 ball however your hip drive is not aggressive. It is a smooth hip drive, you want to rotate up with a slight arch to your shoulder. Stay disciplined with your front side so your release point can be consistent. Wherever your wrist flick goes that’s where the ball will go. Lastly a 3 ball is when you are throwing a deep go route against man coverage or a deep post when a safety rolls down. Arch your shoulder at a 45 degree angle, make sure your follow through is like a free throw and drive from your back leg and hips aggressively. Make sure your front stride isn’t too long. This is what kills all QBs on deeper throws. Keep a consistent front stride so your hips can drive through. If you want a full throwing mechanics guide and a step by step process on how you can get a better throwing motion, click the link below! We offer a 45 minute video on how you can be a better QB, passer and have an overall smoother stroke. ⬇️⬇️

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