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40 Time To Play D1 Football

Below I am going to discuss the 40 time needed to play D1 college football- I hope this can clear up some of the questions you have on the 40yd dash. 

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Okay So there is honestly no correct answer to this question specifically. Your EXACT 40 time does not matter to a college coach because most of the time it is a self reported stat. We get so many DMs asking about 40 times and what you can do to improve it/what time you need to play in college. Now a college coach 100% cares about your speed but if you run a 40 with a handheld timer… a college coach knows that is probably not the most accurate thing. If your high school head coach times you and gives it to a college coach, the college coach knows it’s most likely not the most accurate thing in the world. Believe me I have seen it. If your time isn’t laser a college coach doesn’t care. If you can show game speed on your film- that is all they want to see. Anybody and I mean anybody can put in their Twitter bio that they run a 4.4 40. But the FILM DOESN'T LIE. And college coaches put a lot of emphasis on film. 

40 times to shoot for- as a way to measure not a way to get recruited. 

Skill Positions: 4.6 and below

LBs/RBs- LBs (4.8 and below) RBs (4.6 and below)

Linemen- 5.3 and below (I would say- not the biggest lineman expert) 

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