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40 Time To Play D1 Football

Below we are going to discuss how the 40 time IS NOT the most important thing in the world when it comes to recruiting but how it can matter when trying to get noticed by a college coach. I hope this can help! 

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Okay so I feel the 40yd dash is one of the most over hyped things in the college recruiting world. The EXACT time you run does not matter as much as you think. At the bottom of this article I am going to give you some times that you should try to hit- but if you’re below those times it doesn’t mean you will never play college football. That is just on average what people will be running at your given position. A college coach would much rather see a guy who has insane speed on film than a good 40 time. Because the 40 is super technical. You could be a guy who runs a 4.4 or a 4.5 but stumble on your start- which is the most important part of the 40- and end up clocking a 4.7…. Which for whatever reason is a big difference. Now, if you are undersized, maybe lack game film the 40 can be a great way for you to turn some heads. So I’m not saying to neglect it. I’m saying to just focus on developing game speed and developing explosiveness in your game. The 40yd dash is super technical like I said and a lot of times it is a self reported stat. Literally ANYBODY in the world can put they run a “4.4 40yd dash” in their Twitter bio. A college coach will want to see your speed with their own eyes and game film DOES NOT LIE. Focus on being fast with pads on- at your age that is all that really matters. You don’t have to worry about your 40 time until the NFL Combine. Below I will give you a chart with the 40 times that most guys run in college at the D1 level. If you’re running a good 40 time- no doubt you are fast- but like I said previously don’t get so caught up in a number that you get discouraged in yourself. 

QBs- 4.7-4.8 average

WRs & RBs- 4.4-4.6 Average

Lineman- Doesn’t Matter Too Much under 5.5 is fantastic 

LBs- 4.6-4.8 average 

DBs- 4.3-4.6 average at D1 schools 

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