All WRs Need To Know This

Every WR needs to know that a DB is scared to get beat over the top, unless it is a cover 2 situation, the DB does not want to get beat deep. Period. They will do everything possible to prevent this from happening because that is their worst nightmare. As a WR we need to realize this and take advantage of it. Selling every single route you make is going to be vital to your success as a WR. Every time you come off the ball, you need to be looking over the DBs outside shoulder making sure he is thinking fade. Don’t give anything away on your route either. Keep the same pad level and drive off the ball 100 mph. That’s how your going to get the DB on his heels and hopefully turn his hips. Let’s say he is pressed now, if you give him a move off the line and get into the position of being able to stack the DB, he will be trailing you, how hes able to play you from this is by reading your hips and pad level. That’s where we need to be deceptive. Be able to drop your weight or make a stick at the drop of a dime so this DB doesn’t have time to react. If we can consistently sell the fade, we will get tons of separation.

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