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Below we are going to discuss some of the best college camps to attend in 2023. I hope this can aid you in the recruiting process and also save you some money this year traveling from camp to camp. 


We are coming to Boston MA, Cleveland OH, Austin TX, Seattle WA, Newark NJ, Denver CO, & Los Angeles CA…. If you want more info and want to know how you can sign up, checkout the link below! 

Okay so, the best college camps to attend are the ones with as many coaches there as possible. I strongly recommend to stay away from the big Power 5 camps where it is only the staff of that single school. That is if you aren’t being pursued by that school. Let’s use Alabama for example. Let’s say Alabama is hosting a camp in July- if Alabama has been recruiting you… then you should go. If Alabama has not been recruiting you, don’t waste your time. Yes it would be a good experience but is that really what you want out of a camp? If it is fine, but I would assume most of you want to attend a camp where you can get some recruiting attention and exposure to college coaches who want to meet recruits. At Alabama, and I hate to break this to you, they ALREADY KNOW who their guys are. Have you ever gone to a camp and wondered “how does that kid know all the coaches”… it’s because he’s one of their guys. More often than not, these camps are money grabs for the university. It’s a way to pay their coaching staff for the summer. Now, not all camps are that way. I think if you can find something called a “satellite camp” you will have better luck turning heads. Satellite camps are when you get 10-20 college coaches there from different schools. Whether they are running the camp or just scouting, you have a higher chance of getting noticed by them. Now, it is extremely difficult and unlikely to receive a scholarship offer on the spot at a camp. Coaches want to see your film, transcripts etc. to make sure they are making the right investment. You should go to these camps to meet people and build connections. So when you do get that highlight tape- you have someone to send it to on Twitter. Grab the college coaches Twitter handle after the camp, get his email, get his number etc. You need to network with these people, and where else better to do it than at a satellite camp. If you want to go to the big single staff camps, be my guest. I’m sure some can benefit you, but 95% of the time I’d say it’s not going to be what you think. You must be wise with your time in the off season. 

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