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Best Exercises For Football Players

In my opinion some of the best exercises football players can do are explosive ones. They always need to be able to generate explosion and power at the drop of a hat. Now what can you do in the weight room to work on that?

I personally specialize in QBs/WRs but I work on speed and agility with all other athletes. And a big portion of that is developed in the weight room. For LBs, RBs or just any position on the field these exercises we are going to discuss are second to none. Squats are in my opinion the foundation for every athlete. Yes they suck, but you have to do them. Those are a great way to develop power from your lower half. Power Cleans have “power” in the name so it obviously will help you there but you are trying to be as explosive as possible and it really activates almost every fast twitch fiber in your body which football is all about. Football is an all out effort game, each play you give your all out effort on either a tackle or a carry and that’s what you do every rep on a power clean if performed right. Lastly, any kind of jump training will help your explosiveness. Being able to activate your fast twitch fibers from a position of no momentum or little momentum and explode up will help you generate force/explosiveness. All athletes should do these lifts/exercises if you are involved in a stop and go sport such as football.

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