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BEST FOODS For Healthy Weight Gain

Below we will giving you some of the best foods you can eat to gain weight in a healthy way. I hope this can help! 


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When it comes to gaining weight, the healthy way, there are two things you should worry about diet wise. Number 1 is calories & Number 2 is protein. When you are training to get bigger, you’re obviously lifting more intensely in the gym. So you need your body to recover to get the most out of each workout and that’s what protein does for you. It repairs the broken down muscle tissue from lifting weights in your body, which leads to muscle growth if you’re consistent. So below we will give you some of the best foods and protein supplements to take/eat.

Sources Of Protein:

1)- Chicken

2)- Fish

3)- Red Meat

4)- Eggs

5)- Protein supplement- there is no substitute for food. That is the best type of protein to have, however it’s tough to meal prep and cook when you are pressed for time like many athletes are. So an artificial protein powder can help you get the daily needs for protein in a quick fashion. Below is a protein powder I recommend for athletes

High Calorie Foods:

1)- Sweet Potatoes

2)- Brown Rice/White Rice


4)- Whole Grains

5)- Macadamia Nuts (snack)

6)- Peanut Butter (snack)

7)- Seeds (snack)

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