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I want to preface this by saying that we have traveled to a lot of states over the past few years doing camps. We have been to I want to say 30+ states. We have seen a lot of talent and this is what we believe are the most talented football states besides the big 3. Everyone knows Texas, Florida & California have a ton of talent. But what are the best states other than that? That’s what we are going to discuss below. 

Also, in 2024 we are coming out to 15 more cities for QB/WR camps! We will be coming to San Francisco CA, Miami FL, Las Vegas NV, Charlotte NC, Portland OR, Dallas TX, Nashville TN, Chicago IL, Buffalo NY, Atlanta GA, Houston TX, Philadelphia PA, Detroit MI, Boise ID & Los Angeles CA! Checkout the link below to sign up ⬇️⬇️

5)- New York/North Jersey - every time we have a camp in this area we always get some really solid athletes. Usually in the colder states there are not many trainers and coaches so they are usually naturally gifted athletes but very raw technique wise. And those are the athletes we love to work with 

4)- Illinois- We have been to Illinois once in Chicago and I was very surprised at the football talent here. Very well coached and respectful athletes- but I just say- we had a lot of guys come into town from Wisconsin & Michigan. So the entire MidWest is much more talented than people think. 

3)- Tennessee- Tennessee is one you may not be thinking of as a football state powerhouse, but when we had our camp in Nashville I’ve never had more fun at a camp. High school & youth were so talented and our coaching staff claims that they were some of the best talent we have seen. Especially QB wise. I think a lot of people sleep on the QB talent that comes out of the south. 

2)- Georgia- I think most of you saw this coming. Georgia is Georgia. There is a lot of great training and athletes in this state and it definitely lived up to the hype. We had a camp there 2 years ago and are coming back this year for a reason. 

1)- Ohio- I’m gonna say this right now, I think Ohio can compete with any state out there. The amount of talent we get every-time we go to Ohio is insane. The kids are huge, QBs can all rip the ball and we always have athletic WRs. Same idea as New York/Jersey I don’t think there are many trainers in Ohio so the talent can often be raw- but there is so much natural ability and size it’s insane. 

I want to also say, there are a few states that we have not been to yet that we think have huge potential. Like Pennsylvania and Oregon. So hopefully in a year or two we can make an updated list with different states. If we haven’t been to your state yet- we would love to go to new places so feel free to reach out to us.

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Tim Howard
21 de dez. de 2023

Should give Louisiana a visit, if you get the chance.

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