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Best Thing To Do For Your Hands

A lot of receivers struggle with their catching ability. However if you consistently perform some of the things we are going to talk about today, your hands will improve dramatically. It is just going to take reps.

Catching is about reps. After a normal workout you should be catching 100-200 balls from your QB. Believe me if you ask them, they will throw to you. But let’s say you don’t have anyone to throw with you, what can you do? In the weight room you should work all kinds of grip exercises. Pull ups for example would be great for WRs. Now also on your own, you can work your hand eye coordination with tennis balls. You could bounce a tennis ball against a wall for hours and focus on tracking the ball. That is the fastest way to improve your hands without someone to throw to you.

Improving your hands is a process. You need to be patient. It is all about reps. It takes 1,000 reps to break a bad habit and it takes 10,000 reps to master a skill. Trust the process.

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