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BEST Way WRs Can Read Defenses

So this method we are going to refer to today is called the “triangle method”. Now this can be used from a slot WR or even an outside WR. The outside WR is what we will focus on for this example. So when you come up to the line you need to be able to identify what coverage a defense is in, and that should already be on your mind from film study throughout the week/day etc. So you want to work your eyes in a triangle, identify the corner, then the safeties, then to the box then back to the corner. That is a triangle pattern. Now what should you look for? You want to see the corners leverage, is he in man or zone, and how far off is he. Then when you look at the safeties you want to see how many safeties there are, how deep they are playing and what their stance is like (back pedal or squatted). And then take a peak in the box to see if they are stacking it (blitzing) or playing zone. Then get your eyes back to the DB one more time to see if he changed how he’s playing. This process may seem like a lot but it just takes reps. If you can master this and accomplish this in 3-5 seconds you will be fine and so prepared to make something happen off the line or at the top of the route. Watching film is essential for this process to work, it gives you the answers to the test so when you’re in a game it’s not that hard to figure out what coverage they are in. If you guys would like to learn how WRs can watch film and read defenses correctly, checkout the link below for a 30+ minute video on how to read each coverage from a WR perspective ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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