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WRs need to be able to catch the ball. In my opinion that is probably the most important aspect of playing the position when it is all said and done. Being a great route runner has its advantages but if you can’t finish the play, none of that matters. So how can you improve your hands in the weight room?

This 1 Exercise will help your hands. Catching is all about grip. You need to have a strong grip but soft hands at the same time. The exercise I recommend is getting some kind of bar where you can do inverted rows. If you don’t know what those are I’d suggest looking it up. Then instead of using your hands to pull yourself up, I would strap two towels around the bar and use those to pull yourself up. This will improve your grip strength, back strength, forearm strength and allow you to catch this ball better. If we have stronger hands we will be able to catch this ball much more consistently.

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