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Below we will are going to discuss the biggest scam youth and high school football players will face/see. I write this to not discourage anybody but to educate you guys on how the recruiting process works and when to look out for people who are just trying to take advantage of you. 

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The biggest scam in football are these recruiting service “street agents”. I’m getting so sick and tired of seeing these guys pitch their services to parents claiming that they can get their kids exposure and offers without even knowing their son personally. I live in Southern California and there are so many of these scumbags down here that take advantage of parents who don’t know about the recruiting process and how it actually works. So there are two examples of this that I want to discuss. The first one is the more common one.

If you are approached by someone, who doesn’t know your son/you very well and they are telling you that if you pay them X amount of dollars- (usually in the thousands) they can help your son get a scholarship and “exposure”… I would avoid this at all costs. Not because he wants to help. I’m sure there are people out there who truly want to help, but it’s the fact that he doesn’t know you or your son. Like these bigger recruiting agencies, the ones you all get emails from, they straight up cold call people. It’s complete BS- what if the person they cold call sucks at football… I guarantee you the NCSAs of the world will still take their money. And that’s the friken problem with the whole thing. That’s how you know is a scam because they have zero credibility. Why would they call anybody and everybody to pitch their services to? These services claim to have “connections” to all these colleges- but if they refer a kid to a college & that kid is really bad… wouldn’t that make the college not come back to them? Why would the college waste their time if they invest thousands of dollars into their OWN recruiting. They fly coaches to every single state to scout talent- so why would they listen to some service who has referred them athletes in the past that aren’t very good? I’ll tell you right now, this is why these services do not get you anything but “camp invites” that you could have received on your own. Because they lack credibility, due to the fact that they take on everyone they can. Guys I train athletes in California who haven’t played a down of high school football and NCSA is calling them telling them they can get them exposure. How do they know? The kid hasn’t even enrolled in a high school yet. It’s a total clown show. So please do not fall for these money grab schemes. If you are truly a great football player & have a social media presence, follow coaches on Twitter, go to camps etc.- there is no need for something like this to waste your money on.

Now the second scam is see is the embarrassing one. There is this clown in Orange County California called “Matt V” & the dude will charge parents thousands of dollars to get their sons “offers”. And what he does is he goes and will pay a graduate assistant or some assistant coach on a college staff to give a “verbal offer” to the kid. It’s a total rip off because 1) it’s a fake offer 2) it’s a non committable offer & when signing day comes that school will not even have heard of the kid they “offered” 3) the parents lost thousands of dollars for nothing. So this dude is scamming parents first of all, second of all- some parents know that it’s a scam and they think that their son posting a fake offer on social media is going to get other schools to look at him. And this Matt guy isn’t the only one- he’s just a popular example down here. There are plenty around the country. Great thing about football is that BALL DOESNT LIE. If you suck & can’t showcase your skills on film… colleges will know it and you will get exposed. So part of me blames parents, a lot of me blames scumbags like this Matt guy who do this kind of thing to parents who don’t know any better because they don’t have too much experience in this field. And that’s not their fault, that’s my purpose of writing this. Ask any college coach their opinion of these street agent clowns, I guarantee not a single coach will mention anything positive. And that should tell you everything you need to know right now. The info is out there on how to get recruited the right way & you can always reach out to me and our social media platforms. We answer every DM & comment… and guess what… we don’t charge thousands for recruiting advice like these scumbags in California. 

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