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D1 Coaches Want WRs Who Do This…

Below we will be discussing 3 things that D1 college coaches look for in WRs. I hope this can help! 

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1)- Speed. To play at the next level, WR coaches and just general offensive coordinators need their WRs to be fast. Every snap you match up against some of the best athletes in the entire country at the DB position. So speed needs to be a priority in the off season. Don’t worry about your 40 time, worry about game speed that shows up on film. Run hills, run with sleds, work on your running form and do WR specific gym workouts that will help your fast twitch fibers improve- which leads to speed! WRs should not be lifting like bodybuilders. 

2)- Route Running. Especially in the world of college football today, so many offenses are switching to that spread/air raid offense where they always have 4-5 WRs on the field. This creates a lot of 1on1 opportunities for WRs and a lot of chances to create space. You need to showcase to college coaches whether that is on film, or at a camp setting, that you can beat press, get off a jam and get in and out of breaks effectively. This doesn’t happen overnight. You need to constantly train your Route running, working realistic drills, realistic routes and situational football that will get you better!  

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3)- Last but not least, blocking. No block no rock. Especially if you’re a kid in an offense that runs the ball 70-80% of the time… every run play is a chance for a blocking highlight. If you only catch 5 TDs on the year but can showcase that you are an explosive player through blocking that can turn some heads. So make sure you aren’t that WR who isn’t an asset to the team in the run game. 

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