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Get Recruited As A Young Player

If you don’t have any film you will not get recruited unless you have a limitless ceiling for your potential. And most of us are not going to be like that, we have to prove we can ball out and that comes from your film. So your number 1 priority going into this season, next to winning games, is getting good film. Fact. If you are a sophomore or freshman right now and don’t have any film and you are worried about “getting noticed” you are worrying about the wrong things. You should be worrying about “how can we win games and how can I ball out this year?” That’s it. College coaches like a player on a winning team, with good film, and good character. If you can check those 3 boxes, you will get recruited to play somewhere. I don’t know what exact level, but a college coach is crazy to not take a winner with good film. So focus on balling out and putting your team in the best position to win. Worry about recruiting, getting noticed, and letters when the season is over.

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