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Good 40 Time For SLOT WRs

Slot WRs need to be somewhat quick and somewhat fast. So your 40 time will be measured at certain combines and camps where you have an opportunity to stand out. I think a good spot to shoot for is a 4.6 or below In high school. I think that is fast enough to play at the next level however speed can be showcased in many other ways. The main focus of this article is that I would rather have you focus on developing speed and your skills when the PADS ARE ON rather than when you are in a T-shirt and shorts. So many guys worry so much about the 40 time and how they will test but in reality, all college coaches care about at the end of the day is your film. Let’s say you have never been coached in a 40 time before and you go to a combine and test bad because you stood straight up at the start, that doesn’t mean you’re slow, it means you had a bad time. The 40 is so technical and when the pads come on, you may be faster than someone who ran a better time than you because he had a good start. Don’t put a ton of emphasis on the specific time of your 40. Put emphasis on game speed. Now let’s say you aren’t the fastest guy, you can make up for a lack of speed with technique. You need to run incredible routes, be able to beat press, catch every ball and be a smart WR. These are all things required to play at the next level if you lack athleticism. If you guys would like an 8 week workout schedule with over 200+ WR drills to improve your overall ability, with sets/reps/video examples of each drill, click below! ⬇️⬇️

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