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Height & Weight For College WRs

We have gotten a few questions on this topic and I wanted to make sure I addressed it… if you are an outside WR or a slot WR and are worried about height and weight to play at the next level- this article can help you. So if you are above 5’9 I think you are definitely big enough to play at the next level. If you are an outside WR and you are below 6’1… expect to play slot at the next level. Now if you are that guy who is below 5’9 that is not the end of the world. There are plenty of players who are exceptions to the rule. But to be short and have success at the next level, you need some attributes like speed and size. You need a fast 40 time, you need to make explosive plays, you need to catch every ball and the list goes on and on.

If you are a WR and would like an 8 week gym workout plan to improve your speed and explosiveness, checkout the link below! We give you an example of each exercise & we include the exact sets/reps for optimal gains in your speed. ⬇️⬇️

Now when it comes to weight, I think anything over 170lbs can be doable at the next level. But weight is one of those weird things that has a lot to do with development & body type. A college will take a kid who is 165lbs of solid muscle over a kid who is 185lbs and has 30% body fat. Colleges will put weight on you when you get to the next level. Now if you are super skinny or super overweight you should still work daily to change those things. But I wouldn’t say there is a set number for how much you should weigh. If you are curious, go to a few college teams rosters, checkout their WR Corp. That is a good way to compare your weight & height.

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