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Below we will be discussing how smaller/shorter WRs can get recruited. I hope this can help you! 

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There are 3 things I feel every small WR needs to do in order to get looked at by colleges.

1)- Need to have speed. It’s very very hard to get any type of recognition from a college coach if you are short and slow at the WR position. I would say your 40 time needs to be at least under a 4.6 to play at a division 1 level. And division 1 may not be everybody’s goal- I’m just using that as a reference point. So in the off season what can help you get faster is a few things. First things first I recommend getting a speed coach or running for your track team at school. Running mechanics are so essential for speed. Second thing I recommend doing is emphasizing explosive movements in the gym. As a smaller WR you probably want to put on size but don’t want to lose your speed. You can do both if you do explosive lifts consistently. Olympic lifts, plyometrics etc. All of those exercises will help you engage fast twitch muscle fibers in your body which leads to obviously more fast twitch on the field.

2)- Route running. Smaller guys usually struggle getting off press, dealing with contact at the top of the route etc. So when you train on the field in the off season- that’s what you need to emphasize. Assume that you will most likely play out of the slot as a shorter guy- so work different situations vs. physical DBs. If you go to YouTube and type in “first down training physical DBs” we have all kinds of videos and drills that you can  work. 

3)- Hands. If you catch everything- they are gonna find a spot for you. I have experience playing QB and I never wanted to throw to guys who I was not 100% positive they would catch the ball. So, what gets you recruited is your film, and if your QB doesn’t get you the ball… you don’t have film to showcase to colleges. So make sure you’re constantly working on your hands so a QB trusts you with opportunities. If you have a partner- try to catch 50-100 passes per day. If you don’t, do some tennis ball drills, grip strength workouts etc. Same deal, if you go to YouTube and search up “first down training solo WR catching drills” we have a bunch there. 

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