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Below we will be discussing how the transfer portal affects high school athletes. I hope this can help.

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So the transfer portal is one of the most popular things we hear about these days in the college football world. Some of you might not think it matters as a high school athlete- but it actually affects you a great deal. Colleges are able to recruit players from other D1 programs to fit their program needs. The only place they could do that before this portal thing was high schools & JUCOs. So guess what, things just got a lot more competitive out there. You are now competing with full grown men in the recruiting process. Yes colleges are going to still recruit HS players but the demand for high school athletes went down. So what does this mean for you? 

1)- You need to take your training more seriously. Like I said- you are competing with full grown men in the transfer portal. So speed training, gaining size etc. is more important than ever. You can no longer get by with being the fastest or biggest player in your league and just neglect technique because you are more gifted than others naturally. Those college guys in the portal are all just as big & as fast as you. So if you don’t out perform them with technique it is going to be really hard to stand out. Let’s say you’re a WR, but you lack separation on your routes. But in high school you’re just bigger than everyone so you get by and have great #s. Still might be impressive to some, but not as impressive as it used to be. So make sure this off season you take your training serious.

2)- You should never neglect a lower division school who expresses interest in you. I’ve seen it way too many times, players will speak with a D2,D3 or NAIA school and then blow them off because they feel “they are D1”. Worst idea possible. #1 that coach you blew off could end up at a D1 school in the future and might want you. #2 You may not be as appealing to a D1 college who has gotten 5 players out of the transfer portal. They might not need you. And also, if your plan is to go JUCO, I feel JUCO recruiting has gone down the last few years- directly related to the transfer portal. So I mention this to tell you that it might be okay to take a scholarship to a smaller division school. If you have D1 dreams and aspirations- that’s totally fine. Go to that school, ball out & then you yourself can enter the portal. You just need to showcase that you can play at a college level. I tell you this, nowadays it is much harder for high school guys to get noticed. I hope this is able to help you on some level. 

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