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How To Be A More Physical WR

3 things you can do to be a more physical WR are the following: be violent with your hands, attack the points of control and pretend like the DB has crap under his fingernails. So, off the line your hands want to be as violent as possible. Do not be afraid of contact because the DB is not going to be afraid of contact. Like I said, you want to be violent. Just about anything goes in that first 5 yds. Secondly you want to be smart about where you are attacking. You want to attack the points of control on a DB. And what I mean by that is his elbows, forearms or back of his shoulder. Mainly off the line those are the points, at the top of the route I would say another point of control would be the back of his hips at the top of the route. When you snap into the break a great point of control to work a throw by technique is the back of his hips. If you get hands on his hips you can control him. Lastly, when you are in the stem of the route your whole goal is to not let the DB touch you. You want to pretend he has crap on his hands, never let him get hands throughout the route. Constantly fight with his hands so you can get separation. If you get to the top of a route in man coverage and you are able to be in space with a DB and he has no hands on you, you should be able to do whatever you want with him. If you want more tips about how you can be a great receiver and a step by step process as to how you can be a better route runner checkout our WR manual below! ⬇️⬇️

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