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Below we are going to teach you how to find a college coaches email address & how you can reach out to them PROPERLY. I hope this can help you out!  


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So everyone always talks about “emailing or messaging college coaches” is how you can get recruited. Some people even charge money to send emails for you, which is ridiculous but it’s really not that hard to find the right college coach to email and who you should communicate with. Every big college will have a regional recruiting coordinator. The QB coach for that school doesn’t recruit QBs in all 50 states. They might send an offensive linemen coach to Texas to recruit all the players from Texas. Then the QB coach would get in contact if they have a player on their board they like. You should be focused on communicating with the regional recruiting coordinator. But how do you find out who that is? And it starts with having a target list. You need a list of 50-100 schools from all levels. D1,D2,D3 & NAIA. Figure out which schools you are interested in and do some research. Go to their football team website and go to their staff page. Chances are they will have the recruiting coordinator listed on there for each region. If they don’t, I would cross search their name with a Twitter search and try to gather info from there. If you can’t figure out who that is- your best bet is to reach out to your position coach. PLEASE DO NOT DM or email an offensive/defensive coordinator or the head coach. They will not respond. 

So now that you found the guy, how do you approach him. Don’t be the kid who just spams their highlights. “WATCH MY HIGHLIGHTS COACH I am the best player on my team etc. etc.” Do you know how many emails or DMs that coach gets exactly like that? Thousands. So you’re more likely to get an open of a DM or email with a question. “Hey coach are you coming out to xyz city anytime soon” “Hey coach my name is ___ and I was wondering if you guys have any camps I can sign up for this year?”. Maybe he responds maybe he doesn’t, but coaches are people too. I don’t know about you, but if someone just spam emailed me without an introduction and asked me to sacrifice my time to watch their highlight tape, I probably wouldn’t do it. Because you haven’t built any kind of relationship with me. So please don’t be a spammer with these college coaches. Build real interactions and real relationships because recruiting is about relationships 

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