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How To Gain Healthy Weight This OFF SEASON

So we are entering the last few months of the off season and this is a chance for guys to try to add weight to be at their biggest for the season. There is a correct way to gain weight and an incorrect way to gain weight which is what we will be discussing today. So many kids are afraid to put on size because they think they will “lose speed”. That is not the case if you keep your body fat % low. Today we will be discussing how to do that. I hope you enjoy!

Also if you guys are a WR and want a daily training schedule to use for on field drills and gym workouts with all of the exercises explained/given sets & reps.. checkout the link below! 

So to gain weight the healthy way you need to make sure you add two things to your routine- high protein diet and explosive lifts worked into your gym routine. So obviously everyone talks about eating a high calorie diet when trying to build size but your muscles need to recover. As athletes we are often doing 2-3 workouts per day and our bodies get worn down. Your body/muscles grow when you rest but again as athletes we don’t get a lot of down time to rest- especially this time of the year. Protein repairs the broken down muscle tissues in your body from training. It makes the time for recovery much quicker. So you need to try to consume 1G of protein per pound of body weight each day. If you weigh 160lbs you should consume 160g. So you probably need to get on a good protein supplement. A great one I recommend is located at this website below 

So now obviously people talk a lot about lifting in the gym to build size- you absolutely want to do this but you cannot neglect explosive lifts like power cleans, push jerk & box jumps. Those need to mix in with your  mass building lifts like squats and bench press ( I personally don’t like bench press for athletes but I know schools make you do it).  If you can combine mass building lifts & explosive movements you can gain muscle mass but still maintain your speed and fast twitch. If you guys want to gain weight efficiently AS AN ATHLETE these are two things you must do.

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