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How To GAIN WEIGHT This Off Season

In this article I will be giving you 3 ways that you can gain weight this off season but still remain athletic and at a low body fat %

I hope this can help! 

1)- Make sure you are doing the correct lifts in the gym for speed/power not just bodybuilding. So what every football player is afraid of when they try to gain weight is losing speed. They think if they add 20lbs of muscle in one off season that they will slow down. This will not be the case if you are still doing exercises in the gym to activate fast twitch muscle fibers. To gain weight you need to performing the main lifts. Squats, shoulder press, rows, bench press (unless you are a QB- don’t do bench) AKA bodybuilding lifts. These may not be the best lifts for athletic performance but you need to do it to build size. However you WILL slow down if you neglect the Olympic lifts like power cleans and explosive movements like box jumps. Those are for athletic performance so make sure those are still in your routine. You are a football player first. 

Also, if you are a WR and would like a 16 week gym workout schedule with all of the exercises you can do to build healthy muscle mass, speed, explosiveness and power… checkout the link below! It’s 4 months of daily workout splits with sets/reps all included ⬇️⬇️

2)- Second thing you can do to gain weight is to recover properly by consuming protein. As football players we have constant daily workouts. That’s part of the game. Sometimes 2-3 per day. And that can put a lot of stress and make your muscles extremely fatigued. Honestly, without you even realizing it. You need to take recovery seriously. Protein consumption repairs the micro tears you get in your body from working them hard. Every time you exercise a muscle, you get these micro tears. Protein repairs them. You should be shooting for 1-1.5G of protein per pound of body weight per day. So if you weigh 160lbs you should consume 160G of protein. Now I know most of you think that number is ridiculous based on your schedule. You have school, homework, friends, practice etc. You don’t have time to be eating 5-8 meals per day. So getting on a good protein powder supplement can help as well. I am attaching a link below to a great protein that I like. It’s very light and easy on the stomach ⬇️

3)- And last but not least, being in a calorie surplus. Calories are so important when trying to gain weight. You need to make sure you are consuming more than you are burning. When you have heavy workout days where you are doing a lot of conditioning or sweating a lot- you need to make sure you are refueling so you don’t lose weight. I also don’t recommend working out on an empty stomach. I know that’s a mistake I made. For years I would workout before breakfast and I would be super lean, but I was losing weight. Make sure you do these three things we have discussed this off season if you need to gain healthy muscle mass. 

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