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How To Get INVITED To A Camp

Below we will be discussing how most camp invites are NOT actually camp invites and you shouldn’t be too concerned with receiving one. I hope this can shed some light on one of the biggest scams I feel there is in college recruiting.

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I'm sure you have all received the emails, the DMs and the messages claiming “congrats you have been invited to xyz camp”. Whether that is a college camp or some scam showcase- chances are… it’s not a real invite and a couple thousand other people received the same thing. If they are inviting you to pay $200… that’s not an invite. They use that wording “invite” to make you feel like you are special and they reached out to you directly. Which honestly, pisses me off. Because a lot of kids think they got actually noticed and are getting recruited but when they show up to the camp there are 300+ athletes there who all got the same email. If you are legitimately getting recruited by a school, they are going to let you come to their camp for free. Do you really think Travis Hunter paid for any camps that he went to? Hell no, because he was legitimately getting recruited by those schools. If a program is offering you a discount on a camp then then that might be a legitimate invitation as well- but they are still inviting you to spend money. Which in my opinion, isn’t an invite. If you receive an invite from a college to attend a camp, do your research first. Look up the school and try to find any info on the camp, if you can sign up without an invite… then you know it’s complete BS. An invite typically means it’s an invite only camp or you don’t have to pay. I’m not saying to not attend a college camp, to expect everything in life to be free etc. But just be very careful where you invest your money this off season and go into each situation with open eyes.  

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