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Below we will be discussing how you can get a scholarship offer attending a small high school. I hope this can help! 

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Okay so, I think there are 3 things that every athlete attending a small school needs to focus on. You are probably in a situation where you don’t have many college coaches coming to your school in the off season & you probably don’t have many college coaches coming to your games during the season. That’s totally fine and it is totally possible to get recruited in that situation. You just need to follow these steps.

1)- Need to be dominant. I think this one should be a given, however I still get a lot of questions about highlight tapes and film etc. so I want to address it. When you aren’t playing the best competition, usually that’s what small schools play, you need to be the best damn player on the field. Or at least one of the top 3-5. Reason being is that college coaches know when the talent is not that good. They can easily tell by just simply looking at a team. So if you are making average plays and not dominant level plays… it’s going to be hard to grab a coaches attention. So you need at least 1-2 minutes of pure dominance on film. 

2)- Now this builds off of number 1, you need to get that highlight tape in front of coaches. So what coaches do you send it to? I’m sure all of you have done the pain staking process of sending your film to coaches on Twitter & through email. Thats great to do, but you have to send it to the right people. You need to find out who is the recruiting coordinator for your region. Let’s say you live in a small town in Missouri. Maybe 1-2 hours from St. Louis. You need to find out who is doing the recruiting for the bigger schools in St. Louis from a specific college you are interested in. Ask some of the recruits there, go to training sessions in the area and ask certain private coaches who recruits etc. You just need their name- then you can follow them on Twitter and start contacting them. Those are the correct people to DM- not the head coach or some random coach who doesn’t recruit in your state.

3)- Go to camps. You need to make the investment of going to college camps in the summer. I know college camps are over but I would plan to go to camps where there are coaches in attendance who you have met/communicated with. They can actually see you in person, see if you pass the eye test etc. This seems like a lot of work, and it is. But it’s well worth it and this is the path you must take at a small high school. 

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