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How To GET OFFERS, With No Film…

Below we are going to discuss what you can do to start the recruiting process without having any film. I hope this can help you out! 


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Whether you are an 8th grader, freshman, sophomore or junior without any varsity film this article can apply to you. If you don’t have varsity film, you will not receive a legitimate scholarship offer. There is a lot of BS out there about “early recruiting” and you see in the headlines all the time “this 8th grader has an offer from Michigan” etc. It is all CRAP. You cannot receive an official scholarship offer until the summer before your junior year…. So how are all of these kids getting offers without film? Most of the time it’s either paid for by their parents(we will get into that), or it’s an interest “offer”. (If you want to call it that) Essentially a coach said that “if you’re really good in 3 years we will have a roster spot for you”. Which applies to literally every athlete in the world. Why wouldn’t they have a spot for them if they are good enough? That’s how recruiting works right? Don’t buy into the hype. Most of the time too, especially where I live in California, you get these wealthy parents who want to live vicariously through their kids… who will pay an assistant college coach anywhere from $2,000-$5,000 to give their kid an “offer” so they can post it on social media. Most of the time, assistant coaches don’t even have the jurisdiction to offer someone. They need to clear it with the coordinator and head coach. The parents  mindset is that other schools will see this and want to recruit them. The great part about football is that the film DOES NOT LIE. So if you have an “offer” and you suck, that offer won’t be there for long… and it never was a legitimate offer. Some kids are really talented and are worth the early recruiting but that’s very rare. So if you’re reading this and your parents don’t run your social media account and buy you a bunch of fake followers… you can still get recruited the right way without film. And starting the recruiting process without film is easy! Get out to college camps and meet coaches. Don’t expect anything from them- just build a relationship. Because honestly you can’t get anything real without film, but you can build a contact list and network. Meet coaches, get their Twitter info, follow them on Twitter, DM them and thank them for their time. Don’t just spam out a bunch of practice film or JV highlights. That’s the easiest way to ruin a relationship early on. Early recruiting is about relationships because at the end of the day you need one coach to believe in you. And when he does, that offer will come. Just lay the foundation first, so when you do get film you have a real relationship with a real contact who might actually take a look at you. 

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